Protect Cash
Once inserted into the safe, cash is secured in either a tamper-proof bag or cassette.
Note Validation
Smart safes detect and reject fake notes at the PoS – giving you an extra layer of security.
Easy Integration
Together with LiveDrawer, you get a smart safe cash-management system that is closed-loop.
Slash CIT Fees
Since a smart safe generates and monitors data - CIT processes can be streamlined

Smart Safe

Smart safes, also known as drop boxes, reduce shrinkage and increase security at the checkout itself. They allow operators to feed cash directly into the note acceptor easily and quickly. And because the smart safe detects forged, foreign or discontinued bills immediately cash loss is slashed. A typical smart safe has a small footprint and can be installed with minimal impact on workstations.

Bag-based or cassette-based safes each bring their own advantages. Each ensures that bills are stored, counted and validated ready for CIT collection. And when combined with cash counting technology to deal with coins, such as Tellermate’s cash counters implementing smart safes becomes a compelling proposition for loss prevention teams.


Deploying the Tellermate LiveDrawer intelligent cash drawer together with a safe at the point of sale offers the opportunity to reduce labor costs, improve cash security and provide better visibility of cash across the entire estate. In a busy environment, the time saved from this solution can be utilised generating revenue and improving the customer experience.

Tellermate’s LiveDrawer Manager software offers businesses a means to integrate their smart safe, allowing real-time visibility of cash taken. A flexible API has been designed to integrate with smart safes and your EPoS solution to provide a closed-loop view of your cash. In contrast with bulky and expensive cash recyclers, the combination of smart safe and intelligent cash drawer provides a lightweight but complete end-to-end cash management solution.

Safe Agnostic

Tellermate partner with best-in-class smart safe manufacturers around the globe. We work with companies such as Arca and Gunnebo. Being safe agnostic means we can assess the customer’s needs and find the right solution to combine with LiveDrawer.

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