Reporting Tool

Generate instant cash activity reports allowing you to make immediate & effective decisions

Real-Time Notifications

Have instant notifications of any cash discrepancies that occur within your store

Cash Cycle Visibility

Have an overview of the location of cash within your store that increases its security and efficiency

Pre-Set Alerts

Receive email or sms alerts regarding events that are important to you

Retail Software

Tellermate introduces T-knx Cash Office, the revolutionary new retail software package that tracks cash as it moves in, around and out of your stores. T-knx Cash Office guides from start of day through to closeout and provides insight so you can see what’s working well and what can be improved. With real-time alerts and detailed reporting, you’ll always be the first to know.

T-knx Cash Office is for any organization that handles cash and has been designed for use in the Retail, Grocery, Supermarket, C-store and QSR sectors. It benefits Loss Prevention and Operations manager as well as cashiers and store management.

Cash Cycle Visibility

Cash can be difficult to track around your store which makes it more vulnerable to loss and theft. T-knx Cash Office removes the worry by providing far greater insight into your cash cycle. When you know how much physical cash you have and where it is, your business can make better management decisions and enjoy greater efficiency gains.

Store Snapshot

With Cash Office retail software, a real-time snapshot is always available showing you store cash totals and the locations of your cash. This includes the status of each cash drawer and the back office safe providing you with greater cash visibility. You can then use this insight to make optimal decisions regarding banking tasks and CIT schedules which can also be accessed from this view.

Powerful Reporting

Compile insight reports in seconds to drive operational improvements in key areas. Areas like change usage via at-a-glance overview of safe counts by denomination. Cash Office can even predict what change you need to order by monitoring usages of the last 20 days.

Everyday Task Alerts

From the start of the day, cashiers can see what needs to be done and when. This allows your staff to focus on customers instead of back-office admin.

Improve Store Efficiency

Minimize risking the cash office through dual control of key tasks, as well as cash bag number logging and timestamping of all activities. Manage and monitor CIT collections and deliveries.

Easier Cash Balancing

Cash office links to the Point of Sale system to reconcile registers against the store’s expected values. Alerts are emailed in real time if discrepancies happen. Smart safes can be linked in to replace manual till pickups entirely.

Plug and Play

Cash Office retail software comes with a plug and play link to Tellermate’s T-ix cash counter. All cash tasks such as drawer counts, pickups, replenishments and safe counts are counted, transmitted and logged in seconds. This reduces manual errors and creates useful breakdowns of count data.

T-knx Video

Discover exactly how the T-knx Cash Office retail software works and how it can benefit multiple areas of your business.

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