June 2018


  • Will my Tellermate T-ix count the new polymer £5 notes?

Yes it will. All models of T-ix (1000-5500 range) are capable of counting the new notes. Tellermate work closely with the Bank of England to ensure our cash counters are ‘polymer-ready’. For your Tellermate cash counter to be able to count the new £5, you need to enable the denomination. Please contact the customer services helpline on 01633 276 868 for more information.

  • What about the £10 note and £1 coin?

Tellermate devices are ready for the new polymer £10 note and the new £1 coin, both entering circulation in 2017. When the new polymer £20 note is released (anticipated in 2020), we’ll be ready for that too. For your Tellermate cash counter to be able to count the new £10 and new £1, you need to enable the denominations. Please contact the helpline for more information.

  • What are the options to update my cash counter?

You have two options to update your Tellermate device. You can update it by ordering a USB stick from Tellermate or by manually enabling the weights and calibrating the new notes.  Then the new notes will show up as one of your counting denominations. Update, then switch on – it’s as easy as that.

  • Can I mix notes when cashing up?

You’ll need to keep the current £5 and the new polymer £5 apart and count them separately.

  • What will be different in the cash count?

For the time being £5 & £10 polymer notes will need to be separated from current notes and counted on the ‘£5 N’ and ‘£10 N’ denominational settings in the scroll order. Once the paper £5 & £10 are withdrawn from circulation the old denominations will be switched off.

  • When should I do it?

Tellermate are already in a position to offer you an update; just contact our helpline (01633 276 868) or your Tellermate account manager.

  • How do I get extra help?

Just email our team at cst.uk@tellermate.com


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