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With an end-to-end cash management solution your business could increase efficiency in your stores, reduce operational costs and deliver a better customer experience by automating time-consuming manual processes — let Tellermate show you how…

Reducing Labour Costs

As the price of labour continue to rise, retailers are increasingly turning to innovative retail technology that helps automate manual processes, increases efficiency, and reduces labour costs.

Cash management technology helps your stores save around two labour hours per day by automating cash handling processes (such as cash drawer reconciliations or banking preparation). For the typical retailer that’s a saving of around 180,000 labour hours a year.

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Cold, hard, savings

Cash management technology streamlines your cash-to-bank process and cuts the time spent processing cash by up to 70%. That’s because manual cash handling tasks are automated and outdated paper-based processes are digitised. Not only does this lead to a reduction in labour costs, but increased oversight means unnecessary CIT fees and bank charges can be avoided – reducing operational costs even further. Plus, with increased accountability, cash loss is virtually eliminated across your stores, reducing shrink and boosting your profits.

Connected Cash Counters

Our intelligent cash counters accurately count an entire cash drawer in under a minute. Count data can then be transmitted directly to cash management software where banking deposits are created, verified and tracked all the way to the bank – creating a closed-loop solution for a fraction of the price of cash recyclers or smart safes.

Intelligent Cash Drawers

With an intelligent cash drawer and smart safe combination, you’ll get an end-to-end solution that automates many traditional cash management tasks. The transaction-by-transaction reconciliation means cashiers no longer need to count drawers at shift changeover time, end-of-day cashing up is simplified, and banking preparation is accelerated. Plus, with its ability to highlight discrepancies between the drawer and the POS in real-time, cash loss is virtually eliminated.

A Trusted Partner

At Tellermate, we’re changing the way businesses think about cash management. We help global businesses such as Adidas, T-Mobile and Barclays implement solutions that drive efficiency and provide real-time business-critical data to those who need it most.

We’d love the opportunity to explain how an end-to-end cash management solution could help your business achieve its objectives of driving efficiency, reducing operational costs, and enhancing the customer experience.

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