Join Tellermate at NRF Retail’s Big Show, NYC

Tellermate will once again be attending NRF Retail’s Big Show between January 14-16, 2018.

Drop by and see us at booth #303 to learn how your stores can virtually eliminate cash loss at the point of sale, drive in-store efficiency and reduce labor costs with LiveDrawer™.

Schedule a live demo for you and your team on the link below, or drop by booth #303 at the show to learn more.

Intelligent Cash Drawer

The intelligent cash drawer provides a transaction-to-transaction audit trail for multiple operators who share the same till, ensuring that the correct cashier can be associated with a cash discrepancy, event or incident. This means that each and every single transaction for a particular cashier is tracked – allowing the LiveDrawer Manager software to autonomously monitor performance and flag up any reconciliation errors in real-time.

Company-Wide ROI

LiveDrawer not only provides real-time visibility of cash handling errors to head-office and finance teams, but also instantly alerts cashiers if the incorrect change has been given – enabling them to rectify the situation before the customer leaves the store. This protects profits, eliminates the need for lengthy loss prevention investigations and ensures a positive experience for customers as they are never short-changed.

Real Time Data
Have in-depth insight and analytics into in-store cash like never before
Major Time Savings
Significant time savings through real-time cash counting
Accountability Drilldown
The exact cashier can be associated with a detected cash discrepancy
Reduce Cash Loss
Virtually eliminate cash loss at the POS and deter employee theft

Greater Cash Visibility

By providing real-time cash inventories by denomination and transaction-to-transaction data, LiveDrawer keeps a running total of the actual cash in your drawer. And if there is a discrepancy, it ties the transaction to the user. This real-time visibility of cash totals and events is revolutionary giving you control over your in-store cash like never before.

Improved Efficiency

Real-time cash counting simplifies all areas of currency management by providing detailed cash inventories by denomination. Change ordering and CIT schedules can be optimised meaning that the associated costs can be significantly reduced leading to further operational efficiencies.

Schedule a live demo for you and your team using the form below, or drop by booth #303 at the show to learn more.

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