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Loss prevention is, well… hard.

It requires a significant investment of time, budget, knowledge, and capability to get it right.

And, with paper-thin margins and increasing competition – retailers are now under even more pressure to prevent small instances of cash loss from adding up to big dents in profits.

But what if you could rely on innovative cash management solutions to help you reduce cash loss across your business? What if they could help you identify and respond to discrepancies quicker, or provide real-time visibility of all your cash across each and every store?

At Tellermate, our retail loss prevention solutions help businesses just like yours protect their profits by safeguarding against employee theft, cash handling errors, and the other leading causes of retail shrinkage.

Benefits for you

We all know that reducing loss across your business is a tough task. When the numbers are up you need to address the issue at hand – sharpish. When numbers are down, there’s still always room for improvement.

At Tellermate, we understand the nature of retail loss prevention. We can work with you and your teams to help:

  • Reduce Shrink: We enable you to combat shrinkage across your stores by reducing one of the primary causes of shrink – cash loss.
  • Prevent and deter employee theft: Let’s face it. Not everyone is employee of the month material. With our range of loss prevention solutions, you can identify cash loss at a transaction by transaction level. Plus, get detailed insight into trends such as losses by cashier, problem stores, and common cash loss trends – helping to protect your profits.
  • Identify and respond to incidents quicker: Our retail loss prevention solutions work together to help you gain full visibility of the cash in your stores. And, with features such as customisable mobile and email alerts fired each time a discrepancy occurs, you can respond to instances of cash loss as they happen.
  • Generate in-depth evidence to support investigations: When instances of cash loss occur, you need the cold hard facts to help support your investigation. Our products can generate detailed audit trails of your cash to aid your investigations and inform strategy.

See how our loss prevention solutions help global businesses prevent cash loss, deter employee theft and generate detailed audit trails – to help inform loss prevention strategy and support investigations.

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