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What happens when the odd cash loss “here or there” becomes a serious repeated problem?

Chances are an investigation will be launched, cash handling procedures will be scrutinised, cashiers will be interviewed and HR will be involved. It can be a lengthy and stressful process that puts your staff on edge, and leaves them prone to making more mistakes.

But what if your business could avoid this? What if intelligent cash management technology could help eliminate cash handling errors at source, by alerting your employees whenever the incorrect change is given or when tills are short – and by exactly how much –  all in real time?

What if manual cash counts could be automated and tills could be reconciled in less than 60 seconds? What if staff no longer needed to stay late to cash-up, prepare banking deposits, or set floats for the following day?

Tellermate’s intelligent cash management solutions help relieve the burden on your staff by helping to eliminate cash loss, speed up cash management and improve cash handling procedures.

But, it’s not just your staff that benefit. Our solutions can actually reduce cash handling errors in your business. Because, when staff know that cashing up is going to be rapid and straightforward it reduces stress building-up during the day and reduces the likelihood of error.

Plus, with detailed transaction-by-transaction reporting available at the click of a button, our solutions help you review error rates, provide supporting evidence for investigations, or ensure that targets are being achieved.

Benefits to you

Tellermate’s cash management solutions address the worry, stress and pressure associated with back-office cash management tasks whilst also protecting your staff at the Point of Sale.

We work with you to:

  • Reduce cashier stress: From innovative software that guides staff through their daily cash management tasks, to Intelligent Cash Drawers that alert to cash handling errors in real-time.  Our solutions provide a supportive structure for staff to operate in, and reduce the stress and worry associated cash management.
  • Combat internal theft: Let’s face it, not everyone is employee of the month material. And, with internal theft now the leading cause of shrink, protecting your cash is unfortunately still an important task for retailers. Our intelligent Cash Drawers allow managers to have a real-time view of exactly how much cash is in each one of your tills at any one time. And, with detailed transaction-by-transaction reporting, you’ll be able to identify exactly where instances of cash loss occurred – protecting innocent employees from the stress and humiliation of an unfounded accusation.
  • Protect staff at the PoS: We help you protect your staff against all too common cash scams and change disputes. In the event of a customer dispute over change, tills can be cashed up quickly and easily using our cash counters. Or better yet, evidence of the exact amount of cash in a till before and after a transaction can be accessed with our intelligent cash drawers; meaning that tills can continue to operate even while a change dispute is investigated.
  • Provide a better duty of care: Paid or not, when staff stay late to manage your cash they’re put at greater risk. Our cash management solutions automate manual cash counting – meaning that lone workers staying late to reconcile tills could become a thing of the past. Not only, does this protect your cash from the threat of external theft, but it also helps you fulfil your duty of care to staff.

See how we helped businesses just like yours improve cash handling procedures, reduce the time spent manually managing cash and combat ineffective processes that put staff at risk.

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